During colonial times, the picturesque town of Bandarawela is renowned to be one of the healthiest cities to live in Sri Lanka due to its climate being pleasant the wole year round with spring like climate which favouring both flora and fauna. Bandarawela is still the best area for what in tea planter's jargon is termed ``flavoury tea``, & where some of Lanka's best tea is produced. Pears & strawberries also reach their prime here as the climate is drier & milder than the neighboring higher altitudes of the hill country. Bandarawela is 210 km away from Colombo and about 150 km away from Kandy, Colombo and Kandy being two major cities in Sri Lanka. Both roads and railway transportation are available to reach the area. Bandarawela town, tinted with a colonial past resting among lush forestation has found its niche among its visitors as a base for eco-tourism.

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