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Visit this compact, diverse and truly authentic island of a thousand delights and be enthralled with your experiences….
Sri Lanka is a resplendent island with a kaleidoscope of natural attractions which could attract the most discerning visitor. The best places to visit are the golden sun kissed beaches, rolling green landscapes, the lush tropical forests with a wide variety of species and the rich heritage of a bygone era are all bundled in attractive holiday package deals.  These diverse range of attractions coupled with the warmth and genuine friendliness of the hosts are the best things for every visitor to enjoy in a uniquely delightful and memorable way.

Sri Lanka Tourist Destinations

Sri Lanka is a traveler’s paradise. You name it, the island has it and in close proximity making it convenient to travel. The island has one of the highest bio-diversity in the world with over 20 national parks and protected nature reserves with a rich variety of flora and fauna; the island’s coastal belt boasts of the golden beaches that surround the whole island nation; travelling on to the salubrious hill country through breathtaking scenery and pleasant cool climates; while Sri Lanka’s ancient cities with stupendous monuments containing intricate artwork, huge man-made lakes and landscaped gardens have taken pride of place among the treasures of the ancient world, – eight of them are UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

The diversity, compactness, and authenticity of Sri Lanka differentiates the destination from other competitors. Sri Lanka truly combines rich and diverse treasures so amazingly concentrated to provide the most pleasant diverse and authentic holiday experience no other Asian destination could so conveniently offer.

#touringsrilanka seeks to keep a tab on almost all that needs to be talked about holidaying in Sri Lanka more informatively and interestingly. The intention is to look, listen, observe and report on topical news, featured articles, travel insights and experiences of those who have journeyed in Sri Lanka

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