Nilaveli Beach

The northeast coast of Sri Lanka offers some of the country’s most attractive beaches such as ‘Uppuveli’ and ‘Nilaveli’. Fine white-sand and crystal clear water provides an irresistible combination that won’t fail to disappoint any visitor! Snorkelling around the famous Pigeon island just off Nilaveli beach is widely recognised to be a ‘must-do’ activity during a stay in Trincomalee. Windsurfing is also a very popular activity in the area.

Pigeon Island –  This is a National Park comprising two small islands (Large and Small Pigeon Island) and several rocky islets located about 1 km offshore. Large Pigeon Island and some rocky islets contain fringing coral reefs while rocky habitats dominated by soft corals are present around Small Pigeon Island and surrounding areas.

This Island was used by the British in the Colonial period for target practicing and now one of the new breading sites for blue rock pigeon. Fortunately, these coral reefs were some of the few that were not affected by the 1998 mass coral bleaching event. They contain extensive areas of healthy live coral and are some of the best remaining coral reefs in the country which make a paradise for the snorkeling lovers. There is an also a natural salt-water pool among the rocks which offers an attractive picnic spot for those who looking less adventurous

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