The Lankathilaka Temple

The Lankathilaka Temple - is built on a rocky outcrop, this 13th century temple is reached by a long series of steps cut directly into the rock. A cruciform brick building in three storeys, the Lankathilaka Temple in Kandy has an exclusive architectural design. The temple is full of exquisite painted scenes of the lives of 24 former Buddhas and there is a colossal seated image of the Buddha.

At the entrance of the building there are two huge pillars. Presently the pillars have broken down and reduced to a height of 58 ft. Initially, the height of these pillars was almost twice the existing one. In the shrine rooms of the Lankathilaka Viharaya, Kandy there is an intricate designing of stonework and also of wood for the four gods who are guarding the building. The outer walls of Lankathilaka Viharaya are adorned with sculpture which is very delicate in nature. The sculpture portrays diverse buildings of the Polonnaruwa period. There is a pillared “mandapaya” rite in front of the structure. It consists of 40 festooned pillars made purely out of stone. This temple has an exclusive architectural design. It is very much different from the other buildings of its era. As a result it attracts a number of tourists from different corners of the world.

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