Menik Vihara

Menik vihara is situated 2 km away from Tissamaharama and 1/2 km away from the Debarawewa Junction. This is said to have been built by King Mahanaga. The meditaion hall, which had been situated in the premise of the vihara is said to be the place where his son had been cured after listening to Buddhist preaching (bana). The remains of this hall is still evident. There are about 75 stone pillars, which are of 5 feet and four inches in height. These ruins are similar to the stone pillars found in the Lovamahapaya in Anuradhapura.

Not far away from the vihara one could find the stone pillar which tied the tusker, which belonged to Kin* Dutugemunu. This pillar is about 6 feet in height. An inscription, which belongs to the 6t or 7th century A.D could be found at the foot of this pillar.

Presently a monastery, a meditation and almsgiving hall and a sacred Bo tree could be found within the premise of this vihara. The chief incumbent of this vihara is Tangalle Jinarathana Thero.

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