Maalu Maalu Resort & Spas

Inspired by Sri Lankan authentic traditions and eco-friendly architecture, "Maalu Maalu" reinterprets the ethnic style of a Sri Lankan fishing village - "Wadiya"

All rooms and public areas are designed in a tropical backdrop to blend with the natural environment, midst the elegance and luxury. Interior design is simple, yet highlights the indigenous Sri Lankan culture with a blend of old and new traditions.

The long sunny beach at the edge of the turquoise blue sea & natural surroundings of lush vegetation keeps the balance of the nature, making Maalu Maalu Resort a true getaway from the busy outside world and its worries. Maalu Maalu Resort will extend the warmth of traditional Sri Lankan hospitality with 40 rooms overlooking the ocean in the east cost of Sri Lanka where Passekudah bay offers one of the best beaches in the island.

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