Kustaraja Gala

From the Weligama restaurant junction nearly 440 yards (the area is called Walligama) there is a sculpture which is popularly known as the Kustaraja gala. This statue has been identified as one of the bodhi satwa Awalokiteswara which belongs to the 8th century A.D. It has a rock and this sculpture is also made of the part of that rock. This sculpture has four small Buddha statues beside of the head and the ears.

In front of the sculpture there is a bo tree. “People who live in Walli gama come to this place and light oil lamps every evening. Part of the statue (a cheek) was damaged because the foreign engineers tried to blast this rock to use the metal for relaying a road nearly in 1800” said an officer at the Archaeological Department, W.A. Dharmasena.

“A grave side is on the left of the entrance which has the name of Thoumous Dgauder and it indicates he was born on 25th August in 1825 and died 10th August in 1907. “He was one of the English engineers who came to this area to build roads during that decade.

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