Hummaniya blow hole

The world famous Hummanaya blow hole is located at Kudawella (8km from Dikwella) and is another drawcard for visitors to down South. If you go by vehicle you have to park nearly 100m away from the blow hole. When the caverns are filled to capacity, the ensuing pressure causes the water to escape through a small hole to form a giant fountain. Awesome!

At the site of the Blow Hole, rough and high waves push water into the triangular based rock bottom, and force it through a hole at the bottom of the rock with very high pressure. With the sound of a blow whistle the water is blown high into the air. (If you want to take a nice photograph of Hummanaya you must have patience!)

When we were going along the narrow path to Hummanaya I saw many people selling dried fish, batter fried fish, achcharu, waday, beli mal etc. (Batter fried fish were delicious! And dried fish were comparatively cheap).

In addition you will also find souvenir shops with a variety of local handicrafts and ornaments made out of sea shells and other marine findings. We reached the rocky shores of Kudawella, waiting patiently for the great swells coming in from the ocean to hit the caverns formed naturally under the rocks.

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