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Galle Buck Lighthouse

The Colombo Fort Galle Buck (rocky bay) Lighthouse has a ceremonial role to play in modern Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan Navy has positioned a Naval gun battery at the base of the light house. It is here that gun salutes are fired. One independence day a 25 gun salute is fired. That is on 4th February each year. There is a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean from the gun platform.

The walls of the Colombo fort that faced the coast were first built by the Portuguese and then fortified by the Dutch were pulled down in 1870 by the British who ruled the waves and perceived military threat during the 19th Century. Modern Victorian warship cannons would soon demolish any stone built walls so they were really redundant. They were considered a hindrance to development. The whole emphasis was on trade

When the old Kahn Lighthouse became unfit for its purpose due to its beam being obstructed by new tall buildings this new light house was built on Galboka Point opposite the Sri Lankan Naval Headquarters on the Chaithya Road in Colombo Fort.

It was opened by the first prime minister of the newly independent country of Sri Lanka in 1952. The Architect designed the lighthouse to stand on a 12 meter high concrete base which has four lion statues at its base. It soon became distinctive a city landmark. The seaward side of the light house tower is painted in a black and white chequered pattern. The light house is 29 meters high. Its light flashes three times every ten seconds.

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