Colombo Town Hall

This gleaming white building looks a lot like the iconic US Capitol Building which a visitor to Washington DC would unmistakably identify. This is Colombo's City Municipal Council town hall. A giant golden seated Buddha statue facing the building has been placed opposite the main entrance in Viharamahadevi Park (Victoria Park). It seems like Buddha is always keeping an eye on the activities of the Council. The building is just called the Town Hall. It is such an understated name for a very impressive building.

Construction of the Town Hall was started in 1924 and finished in 1927 when the British were still Colonial rulers of Ceylon. This grand building was meant to be the venue of grand balls and state functions. It was to be the official residence of the Mayor of Colombo and the City Council. After independence it still kept this roll and provides office space for the Colombo Municipal Council administrative workers and elected councillors.

It was designed by British architect S.J.Edwards. Although you cannot visit the building, it is still worth making the effort to have a walk around the outside. The vast lawned area is used for rallies and festivals.

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