Cinnamon Gardens

Colombo National Museum

The Colombo Museum houses collections of artifacts that are important for telling the story of Sri Lanka. A good example is the royal regalia that once belonged to the Kandyan Kings who once ruled the Sri Lankan highlands. This includes the jewels, crown and royal throne. There are exhibits that explain what life was like during the Portuguese, Dutch and British colonial period. The ground floor galleries are in historical sequence and try to portray the history of Sri Lanka. The upper galleries are on a more thematic basis.

The Colombo Museum is shared with the National Art Gallery. Don’t expect the same high quality of displays you would find in Museums in Washington, London or Paris. It is like visiting a museum back in the 1960s. There are no Hands on section or area specifically aimed at younger visitors. It desperately needs a modern upgrade. The displays are old fashioned by their standards.

You can still find things of interest. Ideal if it is wet and you are travelling with children or teenagers. You will find lots of stuffed birds and animals set in their natural habitat. Many need dusting. There are exhibits on the geology and gems of Sri Lanka. The climate and plant life is explained. There is a huge skeleton of an elephant. There are explanatory panels covering the Sri Lanka’s Irrigation and hydro-electric projects.

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