The dance of the Dolphins at Kalpitiya

by Indika Weerasinghe
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The dancing Dolphins at Kalpitiya reminds one of the famous Hollywood movie – Dolphin Tale tells about a Greek goddess who makes a rainbow to help a group of people who wanted to cross to the mainland from an island. When crossing the rainbow, the children in the group were so happy that they started to dance on top of the rainbow and most of them fell into the ocean. The goddess who felt pity for the children immediately turned the children into dolphins when they hit the waters of the ocean and from there on the children never stopped dancing and leaping in the waters of the oceans.

Dolphin at Kalpitiya


Where better to find dolphins than at Kalpitiya in Sri Lanka, a destination that has something unique and special do to with the ocean and marine life (especially Dolphins).

The Dolphins are our closest friends and are usually referred to as the species closest in intelligence to humans. The spinner dolphins are the most commonly sighted variety and they are the most spectacular, engaging in acrobatic leaps up into the air. During this season hundreds of pods engage in this natural exhibition unlike what one would experience at staged dolphin shows in a zoo or animal park.  A visitor who has never experienced the sight of thousands of Dolphins staging a spectacular dance show in the deep ocean would definitely be awe-inspired by the very sight of this show and would want to return to view this performance by the dolphins at Kalpitiya.

When and how these excursions take place

The daily Dolphin and Whale watching boat excursions are operated during the season between November and April by many resorts such as Dolphin Beach Resort, Bar Reef Resort and Udekki Resort along the Kalpitiya coastline. Usually visitors are guaranteed something spectacular and thrilling to take back with them if the weather Gods permit and the boats could take off to the ocean. Sightings are certain but if excursions cannot take off or if there are no sightings (which is highly unlikely during the season), Usually, resorts will provide you a free excursion on the second morning sans the ocean entrance levy charged by the government.

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