Rest assured as here lies nothing but a traveller’s paradise……

by Serendipity
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Pilgrims and visitors climbing Adam’s Peak


Gone are the days when Sri Lanka was classified dangerous to travel by many countries mostly from the (western bloc) The armed conflict which had taken full swing by the 1990s went on till 2009 and during this period Sri Lanka was virtually unheard by ardent, new explorers apart from the conventional tourists of repeat nature who made their way periodically to the safer havens mostly situated in the southern regions of the island. Well, now that things a calmer and more exciting again there are enough and more travellers who have already tread the many paths, even the unconventional paths of unexplored delights around the island and take back their pictures, souvenirs, memories and experiences to share with the rest of the world and create and exponential interest in an increasing number of people and entice them to visit Sri Lanka.

What’s more! Unlike earlier, anybody could undertake a road trip and mingle with the local folks and feel at home and at ease, whilst being felt wanted and welcomed by the hosts anywhere in the country. .

There are neither mobs nor gangsters out there scheming devious plans to rip anybody off. These are only fallacies created by propaganda machines which operate mostly in some western countries that are out to tarnish the Sri Lankan image.

Invitation to visit Sri Lanka

Unity in Diversity

Come and enjoy the local culture, heritage, terrain; the landscape; scenery; greenery; the sun, sand & sea; the flora & fauna and the “authentic Sri Lankan hospitality” that is part and parcel of Sri Lanka.

Take back with you, that you could cherish for a lifetime after having discovered “pleasant” surprises by chance – the very essence of serendipity……..

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