• Timing is also obviously dependent on the fitness level of the visitor. It is recommended that some basic preparation and fitness training in the weeks prior to the climb is undertaken by the visitor. (for example – climbing stairs / long distance walking


  • It is advised that the hike should start around 20.00 hours after an early dinner so that if all goes well, you will reach the summit around midnight and have a nap before witnessing the sunrise. This will also allow sufficient time to reach the top in case there is a big crowd climbing up. Viewing this glorious sunrise and the beautiful picture drawn on the sky by the sun by casting the mountain’s shadow on to the painted clouds below, from the 2,240 meter high peak – the island’s fourth highest, would definitely be the main highlight of the trek. [dependant on weather]


  • At the summit you may be cold and will need a sleeping bag for your nap. In addition to the sleeping bag, you will need to carry any other personal effects for all weather types (e.g. raincoat, sun cream, hat etc), 2-3 liters of water and some snacks (bananas, chocolate and biscuits).  Both the water and snacks will be provided to you at the start of the climb.  This should total a weight of approx 5kg to be carried by you.  Please ensure that you have a comfortable backpack and that, it is positioned correctly so as to avoid shoulder/back injuries.


  • Please ensure that, all litter is brought back down the mountain.


  • Please note that, the probability of witnessing the spectacular sunrise from the summit is much more during the season (December to April).
  • Sri Padha – Adam’s peak is considered as a one of the holiest mountains in the world and has a very significant religious aspect. When climbing, you are expected to dress decently without revealing your body too much. Short trousers should be below the knee level and it’s better to where T shirts with sleeves and long enough to the waist.
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