There is still a lot to be discovered within the boundaries of the Sigiriya citadel that Kasyapa has been able to use and enjoy during his brief stay as a renegade king that historians and archaeologist are now believed to have given him false credit for building this incredible complex. This sheer architectural feat, should have been achieved by someone who would have had more intellectual prowess than Kasyapa and no other than Ravana could have been such a genius.

Ravana is believed to have had a system of elevators that could have transported him to the top of the summit from the base. Apart from that his sophisticated transport fleet has consisted of the “Dandu Monara” which would have been a “flying saucer” type of vehicle which would have propelled itself using electrodes that cover its surface to ionize the surrounding air into plasma. it is also believed that he posses a very intricate musical instrument called the Ravanahatha which he played at the summit and the heavenly music had broud in clouds on top of the rock and formed rained to irrigate the summit and the environs of Sigiriya.


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