I can’t wait to return to Sri Lanka

by Jenny Parsons
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One of our most memorable days out together was spent at the delightful town of Ella where we arrived at 9.30 am, ready to spend as many hours as we could in this remarkable beauty spot. We started off with a climb to Little Adam’s Peak. The ascent got our hearts pumping but it was good to catch our breath at the top where we started to try to absorb the incredible spectacle of the surrounding countryside. In some ways there is no point in even trying to capture such a panorama on camera, better to try and take it in slowly and live for the moment.

Sri Lanka has a lot of green space and we were in the heart of it. Eventually we tore ourselves away and ambled down to the restaurant on the main road at the bottom of the hill where I deliberately sat with Indika and our other local guide Puli, confident that they would make the best menu choices for lunch. Fortified for the afternoon we set out again on foot for the Nine Arches Bridge, a railway viaduct and a remarkable engineering feat. It is a fascinating destination even if you’re not a railway enthusiast.

At this stage we had split into two groups; fast and fit or ‘slow after lunch’. Fortune favoured the ‘slow after lunch’ group who gleefully told us that they had seen a train cross the Nine Arches and had the photos to prove it. The fast and fit ones covered more ground but our virtuosity wasn’t true compensation for missing the sight of a moving train. Another time check the timetable and sacrifice exercise for an anorak thrill.

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