Tissamaharama is one of the most pleasant towns in the south. Tissa's main attraction is as a base for trips to the nearby national parks of Yala and Bundala or the temple town of Kataragama, but it's an agreeable place in its own right, with a handful of monuments testifying to the town's important place in early Sri Lankan history when, under the name of Mahagama, it was one of the principal settlements of the southern province of Ruhunu.

Tissamaharama is a city situated in the Hambantota District in the Southern Province. It is 264 km away from Colombo on the Colombo-Wellawaya (A2) road. It is accessible from the south through Hambantota which is 27 km away and from two routes from the north, namely from Wellawaya 59 km away and from Kataragama 19 km away.

Tissamaharama which was called Magama was one of the most important cities of the ancient Kingdom of Rohana. History records that King Mahanaga who built this Kingdom propagated Buddhism throughout the region and brought about a religious resurgence especially in the heart of Tissamaharama, which was known as the “Silapassa Pirivena”, home to about 12,000 monks who resided in the viharas of this city. Tissamaharama consists of four viharas namely Tissamaharama, Yattala, Menik and Sandagiri Seya.


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