Cultural Triangle

Sri Lanka's cultural triangle stretches from Anuradhapura (first tip of the triangle) through to Polonnaruwa (second tip of the triangle) and southwards to Kandy (third tip of the triangle). This triangle has treasure trove of monuments and artifacts dating back to 3rd Century BC when the first capital of the island was founded at Anuradhapura which subsequently was invaded by the South Indian Cholas who took the capital to Polonnaruwa which became the medieval capital from the 11th Century AD to early 14th Century AD. In between was the period where the renegade King Kasyapa's "palace in the sky" was built on top of the Sigirya Rock with all the surrounding pleasure gardens underneath during the period between 477 to 495 AD. After several subsequent interchanges the last historical capital city was situated at Kandy in the central hill country from late 16th Century to early 19th Century AD. Due to the constructions and associated historical events, some of which are millennia old, these sites are of high universal value; they are visited by many pilgrims, both laymen and the clergy (prominently Buddhist), as well as by local and foreign tourists

Places in Cultural Triangle

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