Jetavana Monastery

Jetavana monastery was founded in the 3rd century CE by ruler Mahasena (ruled 277-304) — is Anuradhapura’s third great monastery, following Mahavihara (founded 3rd century BCE) and Abhayagiri (founded 1st century BCE). Throughout its history, it was closely associated with the Abhayagiri monastery, following a similar progressive theological program that was more open to Mahayana Buddhist influences than the conservative Mahavihara.

King Mahasen (273-301 AD) built this largest stupa in Ceylon, and possibly the whole Buddhist world. Presently restoration of this stupa has made the glorious past of this stupa more evident. Together with the Abhayagiri Stupa this stupa would have been taller than the third Pyramid of Giza and during its hey day would have definitely been a wonder of the world.


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