Arugam Bay a place for the surfer and the wild life enthusiast

Arugam Bay consists of three small fishing villages and Pottuvil is the Sri Lankan equivalent of a “cow boy” town! The eastern coast of Sri Lanka contains the longest stretch of sand dunes in the country. The Pottuvil sand dunes are a part of the sand dune series which extends from Pottuvil to Panama seashore. Sand dunes were excessively mined for commercial purposes in Pottuvilboth for sand and turtle egg poaching. The main purpose of this study was to determine the economic dependency of the community on the sand dunes.

Surfing is Arugam Bay’s speciality, and the area offers a variety of right-hand point breaks that delight even the most experienced surfers. Access to surfing spots can be arranged from guesthouses where you will also be able to hire surfboards if you don’t have your own. During May to October, which is dry season on the east coast, the bay becomes safe for swimming, and best for surfing.

[blockquote align=”none” author=”Albert Camus”]It’s common to see a nine foot long tuk tuk with a 12 ft. surf board strapped on top in places such as Arugam bay in the southeast coast of Sri lanka where the Indian Ocean meets the Bay of Bengal.[/blockquote]

There are some beautiful coral reefs and an unbelievable number of tropical fish to be seen in and around the area where the best snorkelling, on a calm day, is on the southern tip of the bay. Arugam village is situated in the bay of the same name on one of the nicest stretches of the south east coast with many miles of pristine beaches,

Wildlife close to Arugam Bay

Arugam Boy and its surrounding areas are rich in wildlife, natural beauty and culture and offer numerous eco tourism based activities. About 15km inland from Arugam Bay, the main road passes through the scenic Lahugala National Park. Lahugala Park and its man made reservoir draws a population of about 150 wild elephants during July and August when the surrounding water bodies dry up. There are also many aquatic birds enjoying the company of the elephants.

Further south is Yala East National Park or Kumana, the twin of the better known Yala West. The Kumana Bird Sanctuary is located inside the park and is nirvana for serious bird watchers. The park is home to over 200 species of birds . There are also Ancient Buddhist ruins and relics scattered around the Arugam Bay area and you can even arrange to go for an early morning ride with local fishermen to experience them casting their nets offshore.

So, if you’re a devout surfer looking for the perfect wave or just a laid back tourist looking for the perfect tropical vacation, Arugam Bay is worth considering. Not many places can provide the perfect wave and a wild elephant!

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