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TouringSriLanka is one of the main travel and social media portals of Sylvan Leisure (Pvt) Ltd – a newly established inbound tour/leisure operator, seeking to offer visitors to Sri Lanka an enchanting experience in the Isle of Paradise.


TouringSriLanka together with Sylvan Tours, promote Responsible Tourism that seek to create better places for people to live in, and better places to visit. Being a service oriented, highly personalized travel organization; we believe in value for money and strive to deliver our customers a holiday experience that would make them want to reserve their holiday through us again.

Come join us an explore Sri Lanka – serendipitously !!!


In this website we have featured a collection of featured tour packages and excursions, which would be more useful as guidelines to plan you own tour. We are flexible in matching your requirements to these standard suggested tours. Furthermore, we have also featured some “off the beaten track” tours, which range from adventure, special interest to wildlife.

From these guidelines you are at liberty to inform your preferred requirements and we will see how fitting it is to match these requirements to the featured tours in this website. These alterations could be in the route, the destinations, the hotels or the suggested activities most suitable to the period you wish to spend your holiday in Sri Lanka.


If you are booking your holiday via other means but still require the services of transport providers, we will be happy to assist you in your quest to find a decent and comfortable vehicle to travel about with the able assistance of an English speaking or foreign language speaking chauffeur guide at your disposal.

We do not recommend that you find a vehicle for hire on a self-drive basis. For one thing the roads and the traffic would not be the same as the ones you know back at home, providing many hazards along the way. Furthermore, the best way to get around in Sri lanka is with help in directions and a ready chauffeur guide could provide you the assistance all the way.

Hotel Reservations

Reserving your accommodation would be the most vital element of your holiday. Sometimes, (or most of the times) booking your hotels online would give the impression that it is quick, cost-effective and accurate. On the other hand a locally based travel agent would handle your hotel reservations “manually”, ensuring that the process is taking into consideration the best interest of the guest.

When we do your hotel bookings, we take each step seriously, from inquiry through sending our reservation vouchers to the hotels and obtaining confirmations from the hotels (manually) and informing the guests the correct booking, payment and cancellation policies that the different hotels have contracted with us. 

What are guests have to say

  • Coming from Tokyo, a very busy city, we could remember something very precious we’ve forgotten in our busy life when seeing people who are praying and smiling. it was great experience we could meet a lot of kinds of animals, leopard, deer, birds, dolphins, elephants….   Everything was very new to us. If we’d traveled without your continuous supports, definitely we couldn’t enjoy enough and would have got more just tired.

    Takaya, Asako & Shinsai Mitani
  • You have given us such a wonderful experience of your beautiful island, and nothing has been too much trouble for you to deal with.  You have given us your personal attention throughout – in the planning stage and while we were in Sri Lanka and we really appreciate all of you have done for us.  There were so many highlights, from the ancient ruins, to safaris, to beautiful scenery and beaches – not to mention your patience with our shopping!

    Andy and Pauline Keane
    United Kingdom
  • We have lovely memories of a wonderful trip, beautifully organised by you and have not stopped talking about it to our friends and family. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country. If we decide to return (hopefully with more family members) we will certainly make arrangements with you and I wouldn’t dream of going with anyone else…

    Pete and Chris Creswell
    United Kingdom

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