Colors of Sri Lanka

by – Indika Weerasinghe

From the time of arrival at the Colombo International Airport, a visitor will be met with a vivid array of colors reflecting from all elements of life and non-living items ranging from the basic form of smiling Sri Lankan faces to the exciting seasonal festivities. The sheer impact of all theses elements emerging and dissapearing in front of the visitor has a translucent effect in the mind’s eye until the vivid details are deciphered to make any sense of all these scenes……

The hypnotic trance that the visitor would find himself is effectively portrayed through this mesmerizing video ably assisted by the beautiful background music. The film has been able to capture most of the captivating scenes evident during a visit to Sri Lanka with precise flow in the transition of the scenes providing the viewer an uninterrupted enthrallment of the captivating scenes available for a visitor touring Sri Lanka…..

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on Nov 30, 2012