Hummaniya blow hole

It is located after Matara and Dikwella town in the Southern Province and at small fishing village called Kudawella 1.1 kilometres (0.7 mi) to the right. Dikwella is a coastal town 89 kilometres (55.3 mi) far away from Colombo and 22 kilometres (13.7 mi) from Matara.

R. L. Brohier first described the Hummanaya Blow Hole in Seeing Ceylon (1965) as “The hoarse gurgling roar gathers in volume – then suddenly, a pillar of water churned to a dazzling whiteness gushes out somewhere up the cliff and for the moment you stand aghast”.

The Hummanaya Blow Hole reputed to be the second largest in the world.  The Hummanaya Blow Hole is one of nature’s fountains and is located about 40 feet above sea level.  It emits a magnificent spray of water reaching about 25 meters into the air every few minutes.

In addition you will also find souvenir shops with a variety of local handicrafts and ornaments made out of sea shells and other marine findings. We reached the rocky shores of Kudawella, waiting patiently for the great swells coming in from the ocean to hit the caverns formed naturally under the rocks.