Ella Rock

Trekkers would love climbing Ella Rock. It’s bit tiring to do the hiking. But it is definitely worth it. Once you get to the summit you will realize how worth is was. The panoramic views it provides with mist and cloud covering the area, especially in the early mornings and the late evenings are something you should witness and that would suffice enough to say that you visited Ella.

Ella Rock : Walk up to Ella Rock, about 2 hours (each way) along the railway track and through the tea plantations, for stunning views across the countryside. The first 1.5km is along the railway track itself so keep an ear out for oncoming trains although they travel so slowly you’ll have plenty of time to get out of the way. The fog tends to move in by 10am, so get an early start for the best views of the Hill Country and with the town nestled in the hills below you. This walk is about 2 hours each way, and about half of it is along the railway line before cutting off into the hills. If you are not used to climbing in this climate, leave Ella around 5 in the morning. The temperature will be more pleasant and you have the added bonus of having breakfast watching over the sunrise. For a longer walk back, rather than head straight back to the line from the hill top, follow the track through the forest.