Hill Country

Sri Lanka's hill country comprises of some of the most scenic areas in the entire world. Witness the most breathtakingly panoramic scenery across salubrious highlands capped with misty mountains and cascading waterfalls and the green rolling velvety carpets of tea estates with their pleasant cool climates making it an ideal setting for a tranquil peaceful holiday while sipping a hot cuppa tea being as far away as possible to the bustling city lives. However, it won't be any less attractive to the arduous adventure seekers offering opportunities ranging from hiking, trekking, mountaineering, mountain biking and even white-water rafting.

Places in Hill Country

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One-Day Itinerary for Kandy, Sri Lanka

On our 10-city, 8-day adventure through Sri Lanka, we were able to spend a full day in Kandy, exploring a few of the pursuits the scenic city has to offer (video of our day above!). Since we had already done a fair bit of traveling before arriving in Kandy, we enjoyed a relaxing day strolling through the marvelous city’s center. …

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