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Sri Lanka is a resplendent island with a kaleidoscope of natural attractions which could attract the most discerning visitor. The very fact that the golden sun kissed beaches, the lush green forests with a wide variety of species and the rich heritage of a bygone era are reachable within the span of a day is the most unique thing that this island nation can offer a visitor. The island has a diverse range of attractions that offer something for every visitor to enjoy the unique beauty and bliss of the attractions in a delightful and memorable way.

Visit this compact, diverse and truly authentic island of a thousand delights and be enthralled with your experiences!

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Experiencing Yala by jeep

It’s tough to not fall in love with the environment of this fascinating national park, positioned on the south east tip of Sri Lanka. Tribulation after misfortune has cursed this province from civil battle to the Boxing Day tsunami of 2005, nevertheless the stillness of the air at 5.30am oozes tranquillity as we trundled throughout the final piece of tarmac into …

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Twelve good reasons to visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka being an island nation of 65,610 square kilometers, offers a visitor most of the attractions that most other countries could similarly offer within the shortest possible time span. This is the most unique feature about Sri Lanka apart from being one of the most diverse in providing attractions and having some of the most authentic features in her …

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Sunrise at Adam’s Peak – Holy Mountain of Sri Lanka

  A long an arduous climb to the top of a steep mountain undertaken by a flock of 90 year old grandmothers chanting  devotional songs are a common sight during the peak period of climbing of the most revered mountain in Sri Lanka – Sri Pada (popularly known as Adam’s Peak). The ultimate spectacle that most pilgrims and non-pilgrims;  young …

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Highlights whilst Touring Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a whole host of options for the traveler, from lying on a picture postcard beach to scaling great rocks or mountains and seeking out ancient cities. There are impressive landscapes to take in, friendly native people to talk to, and free-roaming  monkeys to keep an eye on. The world renowned photographer Roloff Beny had once said that he had …

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